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Protect the value of your harvest

27-Gallon Tote Bag

Now Available!

You asked...We listened!

hempsac's newest addition:

32 x 22 x 50 x 3 Mil bag

Inside-Tote: 15 lbs.

Outside-Tote: >40 lbs.

100 bag rolls, 25 and 50 packs are now ready to order!

Preservation, Protection, Peace of Mind

Hempsac bags are designed for the curing, storing, and transporting of hemp and other agricultural products. Hempsac bags are designed primarily for farmers, growers and anyone else looking for a proper preservation and storage solution of their hemp or similar agricultural product. Hempsac helps with retaining cannabinoid levels through its moisture and oxygen barrier technology. Hempsac also has odor reduction features to reduce the smell of your product during storage or transportation.  Hempsac sets the packaging standard of hemp protection and preservation and gives you peace of mind knowing your product is cared for.

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