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About StoreSac


StoreSac is the primary source for Odor Barrier bags and related products. The FunkSac, OdorNo, and hempsac brands provide great bags that are simple to use and provide great quality wherever you need to mask a smell and protect from moisture and oxygen getting in or out of your bags. All of the bags may be used to vacuum seal and heat seal for whatever your use is.

In addition to StoreSac bags being great for containing odors and moisture, the bags also provide great value for the agriculture industry where the bags, when used properly, assist in the cultivation processes during post-harvest.

Made in the USA, bags sold on StoreSac are food-grade and made from FDA-approved plastics and polymers. Whether your use is camping, hunting, waste management, transportation, agriculture, or some other use, StoreSac bags are your perfect choice for a quality bag that just works. 

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